AirKlean UVGI

AirKlean UVGI  / Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

The AirKlean UVGI is a “plug and play” unit, specifically designed to disinfect air in confined spaces, such as: Hospital Rooms and Wards, Operating Theatres, Lifts and Lobbies, Waiting Rooms, Public Spaces, through to Retail Units and Food Production and Storage; anywhere that requires infection control. With dimensions measuring in at a compact 192 x 228 x 740 (HWDmm)*, the AirKlean UVGI features both ceiling and wall mounting options (air is drawn through the unit via its internal fan). The unit features 2x 95W UV-C germicidal lamps which emit light at a wavelength of 254nm. These high intensity UV-C lamps eliminate over 99% of airborne microbes such as viruses, bacteria, spores and moulds. The AirKlean UVGI is finished in grade 304 stainless steel, weighing in at just 7kg.

Introduction to UVGI • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

Ultraviolet light in the c-band range (225–302 nm) is lethal to micro-organisms and is referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI works by cross linking nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) to prevent replication and proliferation of micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, spores, moulds, yeast and fungi. It is important to use the correct UV-C dosage in order to achieve high kill rates. Low intensity UV-C can be used for surface treatment as there is a long UV-C exposure time whereas high intensity UV-C is required for air treatment as the exposure time is short. Plasma Clean UVGI systems are sized to achieve up to 99% microbial kill rate for common microbes based on UV-C dosage tables in the scientific literature as well as independent testing carried out by Plasma Clean.

For information on the effectiveness of UVGI on COVID-19; click here.

Plasma Clean’s germicidal range consists of the CoilKlean UVGI for surface treatment of heat exchange coils, the AirKlean UVGI unit which is a standalone air cleaner and the TechniKlean UVGI series designed to treat air in building ventilation systems.

Air Treatment using AirKlean UVGI

The AirKlean UVGI is designed to disinfect air in enclosed spaces – from offices and public buildings to cold stores and food production areas, in fact anywhere that requires infection and odour control.

Sizing of Equipment – AirKlean UVGI

  • One Airklean UVGI unit has a coverage of up to 100m2.
  • To accurately specify the correct equipment to ensure optimum germicidal performance, the following information is required:
    • Height x Width x Length of the room where the UVGI equipment is to be installed
    • Room layout to assess air circulation
    • Room air changes per hour
    • Type of micro-organism that is being treated.


The unit is ceiling or wall mounted and has an internal fan which draws air through the unit. Here, the air passes over high intensity UV-C emitters which act on airborne microbes such as viruses, bacteria, spores, moulds, yeast and fungi. For best results, locate the unit where there is free-flowing air circulation. The standard unit does not produce ozone, and has light guards to prevent UV-C light escaping. As a result, the AirKlean UVGI can be used in places where people are present. Ozonating models are available on request, please enquire. For surge protection purposes it is recommended to install a Class D MCB circuit breaker in the electrical supply.

Kit Contents

  • AirKlean UVGI unit complete with UV-C emitters (installation required)
  • Mains power cable – 2m
  • Screws and fixings for mounting are not supplied.
  • Accessories
  • Teflon coated lamps for food safety applications.
  • Ozonating lamps.


For UV-C safety, the unit has internal UV-C light guards to prevent UV light escaping.


  • Servicing is normally confined to the regular cleaning of the UV-C lamps as part of a maintenance programme managed by your facility department or as per maintenance contract with 5ine Concepts.
  • For maximum efficiency establish a regular cleaning cycle based on routine checks of the UV lamps during the first few months of use. 
  • The UV lamps have a normal operating life of 9,000 hrs after which time they should be replaced.

Technical Drawing

Please contact us at for quotation and pricing or if a CAD drawing is required.

Plasma Clean 5ine Concepts - AirKlean UVGI - Data Sheet.pdf

An example of how AirKlean UGVI can be installed in lifts for continuous disinfection: