TalEction is a smart machine that will work with you as a virtual assistant such as Building Awareness, Developing your Cognitive Flexibility, Develop and use Learning KPI's, Recruiting the right talents, determining Readiness etc.

The TalEction platform gives you:

  • Access to all functionality for Individuals for your employees, team members and ability to minitor and analyse the group as a whole level.
  • The possibility to build truly Digitized and Modular Job Profiles (based on best-practice) and the ability to calculate match and build risk profiles for individual candidates.
  • Access to set Targets (Culture, Strategy, Maturity etc.) and using that to assess teams and individuals match and readiness to meet targets.

But TalEction does not stop there, it also:

  • Lets you Simulate a Job Profile and see what kind of traits (personality, intelligence etc.) you should look for in a candidate (assisted selection and recruiting)
  • Access to create Projects for Recruitments, Assessments, Readiness and select, analyse and simulate both at macro level and down to individuals and traits.